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AlphasmartLink team is represented by professionals in mobile and web-promotion. We are skilled team with extensive experience and dedication to maximize the success of our clients. Our own unique optimization technology can gain the targeted users for your offers. Sign up right now and join the network of winner affiliate marketers and publishers!

Who we are

Team is skilled, experienced and dedicated to maximize the success of our partners.

What we do

– Pay for performance
– Maximizing ROI
– On time payments
– Full transparency

Our Fun Facts

Last month completed 35000+
conversions and counting...


Pre-landers to optimize traffic of each sources


Paid as bonus to our top performing partners/affiliates


Offers always available in our smartlink to handle world-wide traffic.


We pay bi-weekly (or every two weeks) with a no hold period. Payouts go out every 16th and 1st of the month (or the next business day, if the date falls on a weekend) for revenue generated during the previous two weeks (1-15 will paid on 16th, 16 - end of month paid on the 1st). The minimum payout threshold $200.
We do not allow popup/popunder traffic - please use your own prelander. Fraud, incent, SPAM email and SMS are forbidden as well. Any violations may result in immediate account termination.
We do, we accept affiliates from all over the world.
In case you've forgotten your password, you need to visit
A multitude of reasons can be given to answer this question, including but not limited to: user landed on a campaign page via a different affiliate link; user entering incorrect data; user not going through with the registration process; user's data not meeting the campaign's requirements; user disabled cookies. On the whole, most cases of untracked sales/leads can be attributed to the affiliate's failure to familiarize themselves with the ad campaign's requirements.

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